Premium Brian Boru Full Outfit Package

Our Brian Boru full Kilt Outfit is an evening outfit and can be worn to all formal functions where a black tie is requested. It is the stylish Irish alternative to the Prince Charlie.

All our jackets are made from 100% barathea by our tailors in the UK, and our Kilts are woven from the finest worsted wool from only the finest mills in Scotland.

Our kilts are made in Scotland by our own trained expert kilt makers, and are fully canvas lined with three buckles and belt loops.

This outfit contains:

  • 8 yard hand-made, 16oz, made to measure kilt from a full range of tartans.
  • 19 Oz UK made to measure Brian Boru Kilt Jacket in your choice of colour and with a 3 or 5 button Vest. A range of button options are available. 
  • Our own range of Endrick Ghillie Brogues – UK made with leather upper, synthetic linings and extra comfort sole - or - Blane Ghillie Brogues, formal brogue with a full leather upper, leather cemented sole, synthetic linings and padded top-line - or- Piper ghillie brogues with full leather upper and lining with a microcellular sole: this shoe offers unsurpassed comfort. It utilises the latest technology including: micro-cellular rubber layering, full length high density padded insole, padded top-line for extra comfort and premium quality full leather upper.
  • Fine wool Blend Kilt hose and flashes, with the option of matching your flashes to the tartan of your kilt.
  • Pewter kilt pin with highly polished finish.
  • Customisable Dress Sporran complete with Sporran Chain Strap.
  • Finest quality leather belt with celtic belt buckle. 
  • Sgian Dubh or Sgian Brew (our practical, hose-based bottle opener).

Please allow six to eight weeks for all of these items to be tailored, made, assembled, packaged and delivered. 

Premium Brian Boru Full Outfit Package

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